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Elite Performance Coaching

We motivate sales teams, elevate customer service professionals, and work with your executives to focus and channel the strengths and value of your company into actual processes and habits that increase revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction.

We focus on the strategies, tactics, and behaviors executed by your people every day and we identify those key moments when you excel. We compile them, package them together with our own proven methods and then spread them like wildfire through your organization.

Our in-person sales and leadership workshops and training courses work on an in-depth and customized level to discover hidden areas of improvement. The participants in our workshops and training sessions return inspired with new outlooks and actionable tools. They are motivated to apply new daily habits that lead to sustained positive change in culture, processes, and performance.

The companies and teams we work with have realized significant increases in year-over-year sales revenue and profits as well as dramatic shifts in employee and customer satisfaction.

Business Consulting & Training Services

Customers are demanding more transparent and consumer-friendly sales processes. Margin pressure and flattening price differentiation between competitors has increased the need to embrace the customer experience as the most important differentiating factor. Consumers today want to work with true advisors and guides rather than listen to a sales pitch. We will help you make this transformation.

Our typical clients come to us with less than optimal strategies and tactics executed inconsistently. Their Sales Managers are putting out fires rather than developing team members. They have a mixed group of new hires as well as experienced salespeople that are caught in a transactional, “price for product” sales cycle and are seeking to elevate and evolve. We become the catalyst that creates a cultural change from within. By working with your organization on multiple levels, we transfer ownership and create enthusiasm and sustainment. Our solutions are custom tailored because we take the time to understand your organization’s culture as well as your value proposition.

One year after working with us, our clients report lower turnover, more profitability and more confidence in the future. They are more prepared, more consistent, and more successful.